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CaptoGlove® is at the moment under preparation for medical trials as a multi-functional wearable device for diagnosis and therapy of movement disorders (MS). Rehabilitation projects are also growing such as the ones aiming to rehabilitate patients with post-stroke symptoms.

The preventive screening of degenerative diseases symptoms and the precise evaluation of the conditions (including results lead by a specific treatment) of those patients are still challenging and prohibitive for different reasons:

  1. lack of a platform able to be distributed to patients (daily usage out of clinics);
  2. not precise and simple variables can be analyzed for a short period of time;
  3. some of the symptoms cannot be recognized/perceived/reported by the patient (“freezing” episodes, the temporary and involuntary inability to move, in Parkinson’s patients for instance);
  4. the data collection and computation devices are located in the treatment facilities;
  5. the data collection is extremely long.

Our platform will cope with those limitations:

  1. enabling a continuous daily screening wherever the patient is;
  2. integrating complex variables;
  3. spotting conditions that the patient cannot report;
  4. leveraging the computation and communication capabilities of the smartphones;
  5. increasing the screening period and the number of observed patients enabling a fast and massive collection of data.

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