The CaptoGloves unboxing by Geeks & Sundays

The CaptoGloves unboxing by Geeks & Sundays.


Best VR Hardware Of E3 2017

Now that it’s all said and done it’s easy to see that E3 2017 just wasn’t a huge showing for VR hardware. Microsoft didn’t even mention VR at all during the reveal of the Xbox One X even though executives have … Continue Reading


E3 2017: Hands-On With VR Hand Controller CaptoGlove

Immersive experiences are the foundation of VR’s growth and devs or creators continue to find ways to keep the illusion from being broken as long as they can. Controller input is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to … Continue Reading



CaptoGlove allows you to control your PC, mobile and smart devices with simple and intuitive hand gestures. Playing video games with a pad or the classic combination of a keyboard and mouse is fun. But what if you could delve … Continue Reading


First units of amazing wireless, wearable device controller will ship in may

The world’s first wireless wearable controller, CaptoGlove, has reached another milestone by securing its Kickstarter funding in 13 days.  The incredibly versatile CaptoGlove allows users to control video games, VR/AR, mobile & smart devices through simple hand gestures.  The first … Continue Reading


CaptoGlove Wearable Gaming Controller

Become a part of your games with the CaptoGlove Wearable Gaming Controller. Compatible with everything from virtual reality to your PC, this glove lets you take control instantly. Right out of the box, the CaptoGlove syncs to your games. Bringing … Continue Reading


CaptoGlove VR controller glove surpasses Kickstarter funding goal

The CaptoGlove finger-detecting wearable has exceeded its Kickstarter crowdfunding target 13 days into a 30-day campaign. A new kind of wearable, the CaptoGlove is a glove with sensors. You put it on and point at something in a video game or … Continue Reading


The CaptoGlove Is A VR Hand Controller Already Funded On Kickstarter

Whether by haptic claws or well-designed VR controllers like the Oculus Touch, there’s a mission to bring an intricate level of control to VR involving natural interaction with our hands. Since kids, we’ve emulated different devices with our hands like making … Continue Reading


The CaptoGlove Motion Controller Gets A KickStarter (Update: Funded)

Update, 4/3/17, 4:20am PT: The CaptoGlove surpassed its $50,000 Kickstarter goal in just 13 days. The company also announced a stretch goal that will add pressure sensitivity to the thumb part of the glove (10kg). The folks behind CaptoGlove said … Continue Reading


CaptoGlove Achieves Kickstarter Goal, Eyes Thumb Pressure Sensor Stretch Goal

Only a couple of weeks ago CaptoGlove launched its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its virtual reality (VR) compatible data-glove. Looking to secure $50,000 USD, that’s now been achieved and with 19 days to go the campaign is looking towards its … Continue Reading