Here you will find all the downloads related to your CaptoGlove.

CaptoGlove User Manual

All the information to get started with your CaptoGlove.

CaptoGlove Firmware

First public release of CaptoGlove’s Firmware. See forum section for instructions on how to install it.

CaptoGlove SDKs

Implemented features:

  • Read data from finger’s sensors
  • Read data from accelerometer/gyroscope
  • Read data from compass
  • Read data from barometer
  • Bluetooth connection management

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CaptoGlove Suite

With this software (Windows only), you will be able to setup your CaptoGlove

CaptoGlove User Profiles

You can load one of the profiles here to start using CaptoGlove. Find specific profiles for common games also.

The package contains two profile to start using a Right CaptoGlove as a mouse or as mouse + keyboard to fit most common first person shooter games.

The package contains a profile specifically prepared to fit Arizona Sunshine played with a Pair of CaptoGloves.

A profile designed to play Crysis 3 with a Pair of CaptoGloves.

CaptoGlove 3D Model

You can download CaptoGlove’s 3D model to use in your application.


Other downloads

CaptoGlove PressKit

Press information.