Game ready

As a hand machine interface, CaptoGlove delivers a unique and immersive experience on a wide variety of platforms and game genres, including virtual reality, augmented reality, first-person shooters, flight sims & more.


Plug & Play

Simple and easy setup for PC, iOS and Android devices (coming soon). Capability to work with many more Bluetooth-enabled devices and upcoming gaming consoles.


No add-on necessary

Designed for versatility and immediate use, CaptoGlove does not require a special prepared area, or any additional hardware/software such as external cameras, specific games or costly gaming PCs.


Intuitive control

CaptoGlove uses natural hand movements as control gestures for a quick and easy learning curve.


Touch Screen Compatible

Capacitive fingers will allow using your smart devices without the need to take off CaptoGlove.


Drone Compatible

Compatible with smartphone controlled drones supporting gamepads.



CaptoGlove’s textile developed by world’s premier manufacturers of equipment for soccer and winter sports.


Cross platform compatibility

Fully compatible with iOS and Android devices (coming soon).



Completely washable after removal of the sensors. Pockets and loops inside CaptoGlove will help you replace them.

Mobile ready

Mobile ready

Compatible with Smartphone devices (coming soon).


Energy Saving and Wireless

Connects to devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) 4.0 allowing for 24 hours of continuous gaming or use.

Windows Compatible

Windows Compatible

Fully compatible with any Windows PC.


CaptoGlove® comes with a suite of customization software that is available for PCs and will be coming soon for iOS & Android. SDKs for Unity3D and Unreal 4 SDKs have been released.

In particular: Windows PC compatible, iOS & Android Apps (coming soon), SDKs for independent development on Unity3D (Version 5+ released), Unreal Engine (Version 4 released), iOS framework (iOS 8.0 – coming soon), Android framework (Android 4.3, API level 18 – coming soon), Windows C# and Windows C++ library (Windows 8.1) already released.


How it works

how it works captoglove

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