CaptoGlove launches Unreal SDK

CaptoGlove Developers Update CaptoGlove® revolutionizes the worlds of gaming, VR/AR/MR, HCI (Human Computer Interface) and HMI (Human Machine Interface). It is a stylish, wearable, interactive motion controller which provides easy, fast, wireless connectivity and support for an array of environments. … Continue Reading

The CaptoGloves unboxing by Geeks & Sundays

The CaptoGloves unboxing by Geeks & Sundays.


Best VR Hardware Of E3 2017

Now that it’s all said and done it’s easy to see that E3 2017 just wasn’t a huge showing for VR hardware. Microsoft didn’t even mention VR at all during the reveal of the Xbox One X even though executives have … Continue Reading


E3 2017: Hands-On With VR Hand Controller CaptoGlove

Immersive experiences are the foundation of VR’s growth and devs or creators continue to find ways to keep the illusion from being broken as long as they can. Controller input is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to … Continue Reading