Unreal 4.0 Virtual Hand

Integration of CaptoGlove in Unreal 4.0 in order to develop a virtual reality work environment for professional applications.

Zoo Experience

A demo VR experience of using CaptoGlove to interact with animals at the zoo.

CaptoGlove utilized to fly a drone!

By streaming events containing information about movements of the glove, various control functions can be obtained. From these values, the roll, pitch and yaw values associated to the glove can be maintained by applying some functions. Having the roll, pitch and yaw and letting them be sent directly to the drone makes it possible to control the drone with the …

Dart Throwing Motion Data Capture

Created an app to capture dart throwing motion data. Using CaptoGlove to capture finger motion Using Xtion and Nuitrack to capture body motion

Live Data Plotting

Plotting CaptoGlove realtime sensor data on rqt_plot, the ROS (Robot Operating System) GUI tool. As CaptoGlove only supports Windows and ROS only supports Ubuntu, I prepared a Win10 laptop to capture Captoglove data and implemented communication app to transfer the data to Linux Desktop.