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CaptoSensor is a wireless motion sensor for video games, virtual reality and smart devices that transforms intuitive human body movements into digital outputs or control commands.

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CaptoSensor is part of CaptoGlove technology. It is the core of human body’s movements detection and translate these movements into digital commands for smart devices. CaptoSensor can send inputs to connected devices (such as PCs, VR Headsets, Smart Home, Internet of Things, iOS/Android Phones and Tablets, etc) to interact and control them faster, more naturally and effectively.

CaptoSensor is designed with multiple use scenarios in mind, and can control virtually any device with its Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) connectivity. CaptoSensor can be used in combination with other CaptoSensor or CaptoGlove to expand the granularity of movements detection. It comes with an elastic strap to secure it to the body part or the object to be tracked

The most popular uses for CaptoSensor are in combination with a CaptoGlove to enable onek’s arm motion tracking to be used in video games, PCs, mobile phones, tablets and smart home devices, as well as a healthcare rehabilitation and professional training tool (for instance, to enable simulators to read and analyze user’s movements). CaptoSensor can be potentially applied to any part of the body and thanks to the powerful CaptoGlove’s Suite it can be customized for any kind of experience.

Technical Details:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE 4.0);
  • 10 Degrees of Freedom (10DoF);
  • Triple-axis gyro;
  • Triple-axis accelerometer;
  • Triple-axis magnetometer;
  • 1 barometer;
  • 10 head connectors that can be used with CaptoGlove’s finger sensors.
  • 10 hours rechargeable (3.7V USB-Mini USB cable) Li-ion Polymer Battery;
  • Very low latency;
  • Pre-installed suite of advanced algorithms for a variety of operation conditions;
  • Advanced CaptoGlove Suite for multiple gestures assignment on each of the 10 DoF and finger movements.