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Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

How does the tracking work in SteamVR?

CaptoGlove can track the rotation of you hand, but doesn’t detect the forwards/backwards movements. In order to do that you need an additional CaptoSensor on your arm. Alternatively, starting from next version, you can attach the Vive Controllers to your forearm. You can download the CaptoGlove integration for SteamVR here.

What is CaptoGlove?

CaptoGlove is the world’s first wearable hand machine interface for gaming and smart devices. CaptoGlove requires no additional integration and works seamlessly out of the box with all PCs and Smartphones (estimated from July 2019) by automatically detecting a wide variety of hand and finger movements. It brings an unrivaled level of realism to gaming by allowing the player to use their hands in the game just as they would in the real-life situation.

What platforms and devices is CaptoGlove compatible with?

CaptoGlove is compatible with any Windows PC. Further compatibility will be added for iOS & Android smartphones/tablets, Apple TV, or any other device that allows Bluetooth connectivity.

  • For Gaming: CaptoGlove works with all past, present and future Windows PC games and any mobile game  (estimated from July 2019) that allows a controller or gamepad.
  • For VR/AR: Adding a new dimension to virtual and augmented reality, CaptoGlove works with all existing head mounted displays such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows MIxed Reality and content in Steam VR (Open VR driver to be released in July 2019).
  • Coming Soon: Compatibility with other platforms such as PS4, Xbox One and Raspberry Pi are coming soon.
How do I use CaptoGlove?

CaptoGlove comes with a powerful GUI that lets you “transform” specific movements of your hand or fingers to standard inputs of your game or device controls. The GUI has several pre-loaded profiles that can be used to play most common videogames in a predefined manner. Nevertheless, you can change these profiles or build your own from scratch to fully customize the way you want to interact with your games. The GUI is available at

What kind of set up is involved?

There is no set up required. CaptoGlove is 100% Plug & Play, connecting to devices wirelessly via Low Energy Bluetooth and does NOT require any additional equipment such as tracking cameras, sensors, software or specific hardware components.

Can I use left and right hand CaptoGlove at the same time?

Yes. CaptoGlove has been designed to be scalable so that multiple CaptoGlove sensors can work together seamlessly and simultaneously. You can even use sensors to transform the movements of any part of your body in a digital input! With the powerful interface, you can then assign specific inputs to each sensor allowing for a completely personalized experience.

Where can I purchase a CaptoGlove?

You can purchase CaptoGlove from our Website at and on Amazon. A wide range of distribution agreements all over the world are under negotiation. The price for a single CaptoGlove is 250$, 490$ for a Pair and 190$ for a CaptoSensor.

Is position tracking supported?

Yes. Dead-reckoning position tracking can be added by placing a second sensor on some part of your body. This extra sensor will detect the variation of the body part’s position and therefore its movement within the 3D space. For positional tracking, a sensor can be extracted from a second CaptoGlove (if for instance you bought two of them) or is available for purchase as a stand-alone component. Here there is an example of how it works
Third-party sensors may also be compatible (like for instance the Vive Tracker)  provided that they have the required components.

Is it possible to develop specific applications for CaptoGlove?

Yes. CaptoGlove’s SDKs for Unity3D (released), Unreal4 (released), iOS and Android (to be released July 2019) providing easy integration into a limitless number of products and systems.

Is it possible to use CaptoGlove for purposes other than gaming?

Yes. CaptoGlove has been designed as a smart, natural way to interact with and control all kinds of devices such as PCs, smartphones, smart glasses, drones, IoT devices and more! In addition, its ability to sense and monitor all your movements fits particularly well with other applications such as health-care, rehabilitation, and professional training.

Can CaptoGlove make me a better player?

It always adds realism and immersion, and can possibly make you a better player. CaptoGlove has been designed to deliver two different types of gaming experiences: 1) Standard game play in front of a screen, where simple combinations of hand gestures replace assigned controls of the keyboard/mouse/controller in a more natural and potentially more efficient fashion; 2) The VR experience where immersion goes to a whole new level as real world skills literally come into play. For instance, a steady hand will shoot more accurately, better steering wheel skills result in better driving, and so on.

Which genres of gaming is CaptGlove best for?

CaptoGlove works with all games, but best shows its full potential in:

  • First Person Shooters with games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Titan Fall, Overwatch, Fallout, Farcry, etc.
  • Flight Sims such as DCS World, Ace Combat, Star Citizen, No Man’s Sky, etc.
  • Driving Games such as Assetto Corsa, Need for Speed, Project Cars, The Crew, etc.
  • Third Person Shooters like Grand Theft Auto, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Dead Space, etc.
Will there be a warranty?

Yes, CaptoGlove comes with 1 year warranty.

Do I have to pay additional taxes for shipments outside the US

If you live outside the US, you may be charged additional taxes, according to your country’s legislation.

What is CaptoGlove made from?

CaptoGlove’s textile is manufactured by an Italian sporting glove manufacturer, a worldwide leader in gloves for professional goalkeepers and skiers. Its breathable material allows for hours of play without discomfort or sweaty hands. CaptoGlove is fully washable by simply removing the sensors inside. In addition, the CaptoGlove’s index and the thumbs fingertip are both capacitive, which allows for smartphone interaction without the need to remove it.

How long does CaptoGlove’s battery last?

CaptoGlove’s battery can last up to 24 hours (with firmware 181 or above) and will only take around 90 minutes to full recharge.

Will there be different sizes available?

CaptoGlove comes in two different sizes: S-M fits hands from 6.5 to 8 inches, while the L-XL covers hands from 7.5 to 9 inches.

How should I decide whether to get a left or right handed CaptoGlove?

If you choose to get one CaptoGlove, it is recommended that you choose your dominant hand (whichever hand you write with). For an even more immersive experience, try using both a right & left handed CaptoGlove at the same time!

How is it compatible with games? Most games weren’t designed for CaptoGlove.

CaptoGlove has a powerful suite of algorithms that enables it to interact with existing games using their native inputs. Therefore, each game has a set of functions that CaptoGlove can replicate via hand’s and fingers’ movements. The CaptoGlove GUI comes with a series of presets that the user can leverage or he/she can quickly customize CaptoGlove’s outputs to fit their preferred games’ set of functions.

This is true for any PC game. For mobile games (July 2019) this will be true for those already supporting gamepads. For Steam VR games, currently an Open VR driver is under development (July 2019).