The ‘CaptoGlove’ Wireless Controller Utilizes Your Hand for Gameplay

Sergio de Cristofaro In the news

Virtual reality gaming has brought about an immersive way to experience many different kinds of games, so the ‘CaptoGlove’ wireless controller is a new piece of equipment that works to make it possible to control things using just your hand.

Working with VR, PC and mobile platforms, the ‘CaptoGlove’ works to offer users the ability to utilize just their hand in order to navigate through their environment, shoot guns and maintain control.

Virtual reality has effectively changed things to be far more immersive when it comes to gaming entertainment yet still requires traditional controllers in order to navigate which can detract from the experience. The ‘CaptoGlove’ wireless controller glove works to ensure that users can get around with ease and not feel as though they are restricted by the limitations of the hardware.

Full article by Michael Hemsworth – Source: TrendHunter