Reply To: DCS

June 27, 2018 at 10:42 pm #6111
Michael White

I was told that it was working with dcs before I ordered it. I received my gloves yesterday charged them a I’ll pair them tomorrow afternoon or Friday. My main goal for buying them was to interact with the clickable items in dcs mainly the uh-1h mod. So after I pair/connect them to the computer my plan was to start up dcs go into the huey mod and try to old start the aircraft in virtual reality using the gloves to interact with the clickable items . I’m I expecting to much. Will it work? Most of the time, some of the time , none of the time. I’m assuming this would be the default mode. I’m hoping since ed is partnered with CaptoGloves at one point there will be a total imurssion between to projects.

So what can I expect when I have the gloves connected in dcs?