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Virtual Reality Glove for pilot VR training

CaptoGlove virtual reality gloves achieve a new level of precision and experience within VIVE tracking environment and related products and headsets. VR pilot training glove for sim flight cockpit interaction are finally here. Purchase online the virtual reality gloves for flight simulation now. Finger tracking are ensured and each systems is equipped with a pushing sensor on the fingertip of the thumb.

Discover sim flight with real pilot training glove

The modern fly simulator passionate is building cockpits and efficient pilot stations. Those pilot stations require the ability to interact with switches and knobs within the virtual cockpit while flying on the selected sim flight.

Flight simulation offer is quite interesting within PC games.  Several applications are advanced and professional such as DCS World, Flight Simulator, X-plane just to state some of them. Flight sim pilots and gamers will be amazed by the precision and comfort of CaptoGlove VR pilot training glove.

VR Pilot training glove for virtual and mixed reality background

Developed from real pilots for real pilot training and entertainment. CaptoGlove new product, VR Capto Pilot Training Glove is a new stable product tested and improved within the aerospace and defense applications industry.
Those new virtual reality gloves, called Capto Pilot will fill in the gaps between virtual reality headsets and sim flight application.