Business – Exclusive Suite


The CaptoGlove Business Suite bundles a pair of CaptoGloves and two CaptoSensors for advanced applications.

The CaptoGloves and the CaptoSensors when combined offer augmented tracking capabilities.

Technical Note:

Every CaptoGlove has 1 pressure sensor on the thumb fingertip. Upon request, the number of pressure sensors can be brought to 5, one for each finger. For info or any other query you can send us an email


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CaptoGlove is a hand machine interface with advanced technology to precisely detect a wide variety of hand and finger movements. These gestures are translated into control commands which are sent directly to connected devices (such as PCs, VR Headsets, Smart Home etc) to interact and control them faster, more naturally and effectively.

CaptoGlove is designed with multiple use scenarios in mind, and can control virtually any device with its Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) connectivity.

The Exclusive Suite offers a powerful tool for demanding applications that need an accurate tracking on one or more body parts. The CaptoSensors in fact, can be placed on any part of the body. Data can be collected at a low level, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass data or at a higher level such as rotational information (yaw, pitch, roll). Data from different CaptoSensors or CaptoGloves can be combined together to provide a higher order of logic of the body motion.

Commercial Licensing:

Customers can use the CaptoGlove Exclusive Business Suite for commercial purposes. The terms of the licence can be found here.

Technical Details:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE 4.0);
  • 10 Degrees of Freedom (10DoF);
  • Triple-axis gyro;
  • Triple-axis accelerometer;
  • Triple-axis magnetometer;
  • 1 barometer;
  • 5 finger sensors able to perceive finger movement on the bending axis (resolution less than 1º of bend);
  • 1 pressure sensor for thumb’s fingertip able to perceive pressure from 100 g to 10 kg. Upon request, it is possible to have 5 pressure sensors, one for each finger.
  • 24 hours rechargeable (3.7V USB-Mini USB cable) Li-ion Polymer Battery;
  • Index and Thumb compatible with capacitive screens;
  • Washable and breathable textile;
  • Very low latency;
  • Pre-installed suite of advanced algorithms for a variety of operation conditions;
  • Advanced CaptoGlove Suite for multiple gestures assignment on each of the 10 DoF and finger movements.

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